Sep 22, 2016
ALPHA® Takes the Silver Out of the Solder—SnCX™ Plus 07 Ag-Free Cored Solder Wire

SnCX™ Plus 07 Ag-Free Cored Solder Wire

Fast wetting, clear residue, cost effective


SnCX™ Plus 07 Ag-Free Cored Solder Wire

ALPHA®’s new no-silver solder has tons of benefits, not the least of which is the lower cost. Proved to provide the highest wetting speed performance, the ALPHA® SnCX™ Plus 07 Ag-Free Cored Solder Wire is also available with ALPHA® Telecore HF-850 Cored Solder Wire and other ALPHA® Cored Solder Wire with flux systems such as ALPHA® XL-825 and ALPHA®Pure Core. Additionally, it’s a great replacement for SnPb, SAC305 and other low silver SAC alloys in wave solder, selective soldering, lead tinning and rework processes.

Ranks the highest for wetting speed performance among Ag-free cored wires in the market.

Count on ALPHA® and count the benefits


ALPHA no-silver soldering wire – low cost, fast wetting

  1. Reliability – compares to silver bearing alloys (i.e. SAC305) and other enhanced Sn99.3Cu0.7 alloys in thermal fatigue resistance, lap shear and pin pull performance
  2. Yield – excellent production yields; outperforms Sn99.3Cu0.7 based materials
  3. Copper erosion – low erosion in long, hot exposure soldering process; less copper plating erosion means improved work assembly
  4. Dross generation – lowest in class due to the Vaculoy process paired with a dross reducing agent
  5. Solder fillet surface – smooth and bright with no surface crack; low spatter and fumes
  6. Lower total cost – lower material cost, high yields and low copper dissolution rates
  7. Solderability – fast wetting speed equals very good solderability; clear residue
  8. Less erosion – reduced erosion of copper plating during rework = improved assembly reliability.
  9. Friendlier – less aggressive to solder pot material compared to silver-bearing alloys
  10. Performance – Excellent soldering results even at 370°C

Find out more about ALPHA®’s portfolio of cored wire products by contacting your Hisco representative or call (877) – 447-2650.

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