Apr 5, 2017
Henkel Ramps Up Entry into the 3D Printing Industry

New solutions for 3D Printing

3D printed components

For global German manufacturer Henkel, it’s a short leap from their light curing acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and hotmelt adhesives to additive manufacturing (3D printing). The materials have already been adapted for use in the medical device, automotive and electronics industries.

Henkel is in the process of taking the next step in developing specialty adhesives with their upcoming line of unique filaments and powder materials—suitable solutions for a wider range of applications across different business sectors. Their focus will be on adhesives that can be used for 3D-printed components for the construction, furniture and automotive manufacturing.

Amsterdam’s Europe Building

One of Henkel’s recent projects involved partnering with the leading 3D design firm DUS Architects to create Amsterdam’s Europe Building—a 3D printed mobile conference center in celebration of the Dutch EU Council Presidency.

Henkel’s hotmelt adhesives were used to manufacture the individual elements (based on sustainable raw materials) that were then injected with concrete. The bioplastic material allows for highly consistent and stable singular components, as well as makes the temporary structure recyclable.

Additionally, Henkel and a number of other impressive companies have partnered with DUS Architects to construct a 3D house façade (Canal House), including interior walls, using a giant 3D printer. Completion is expected this year.   

“Thanks to our broad material portfolio and our large customer base across different industries, we have the access and ability to enable 3D printed solutions for all kinds of functional applications,” said Mike Olosky, Corporate Senior Vice President and Global Head of Innovation and New Business Development at Henkel Adhesive Technologies.

“We believe strongly in the future of additive manufacturing and expect that its full potential will come by identifying the right customer application and focusing the right materials, with the right printing process and leveraging the right software.”

Hisco is a major distributor of Henkel brand products including industrial adhesives, sealants and tapes.

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