Jan 26, 2017
Hisco’s Top Five – Manufacturing News Headlines  1-26-2017

Some of the most recent headlines and stories about the rapidly changing world of manufacturing. “The Atlantic” reports on how manufacturing might help the Rust Belt economy; “Manufacturing.NET” reports on Toyota’s $600 million dollar expansion; “USA Today” brings response from the tech world if a border tax is initiated; “Sputnik” News provides an update on the TPP; and who’s going to this year’s IPC APEX converence in San Diego?

How to Train a Worker – “The Atlantic”

Government can’t do it alone. Companies won’t do it alone. But together?

The need for ongoing education is clear from the recent experience of America’s manufacturing sector. Between 2000 and 2008, industrial production grew by 12 percent while the number of U.S. manufacturing jobs declined by more than 3 million. Many of these lost jobs were concentrated in Rust Belt areas…more

Toyota Announces $600M Expansion, Hiring 400 New Jobs In Indiana – “Manufacturing.NET”

Toyota on Tuesday announced plans to invest $600 million and add 400 new jobs to its auto plant in Princeton, Ind. The project, which includes retooling as well as new equipment and advanced technology, is scheduled to begin in late 2019. It will enable the southwestern Indiana facility to manufacture an additional 40,000 additional Highlander SUVs per year…more

Very major border tax is big migraine for tech – “USA Today”

SAN FRANCISCO — That sighing sound you hear from Silicon Valley is from executives contemplating the implications for their business model if President Trump follows through with a “very major border tax” on goods made outside the U.S…more

Trump Team Confident US Can Replace TPP with Bilateral Trade – “Sputnik News”

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — “Mr. Trump’s team thinks they can work out ‘fair trade’ via smaller bilateral or narrow deals with many of the Pacific Rim companies,” retired Brown University Assistant Economics Professor Barry Friedman said on Tuesday…more

IPC APEX EXPO 2017 – Technology’s Turning Point

Turn toward the future

In the electronics industry there is a point where inspiration turns into innovation. A point where the industry turns exceptional education and technology into real-world success. IPC APEX EXPO 2017 is an opportunity to experience technology’s turning point—see you in San Diego!

Visit Hisco at the APEX EXPO – San Diego Convention Center – February 11 – February 16

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