Mar 14, 2017
Hisco’s Top Five – Manufacturing News Headlines March 2017

Hisco Wins Three Awards at IPC APEX EXPO 2017

Hisco’s Tommy O’Connor Named One of Seika’s Top Performing Representatives

Tommy O’Connor, Vice President and Zone Manager for Hisco

Seika, a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services announced its top McDry representatives for 2016 at the IPC APEX EXPO 2017. Tommy O’Connor, Vice President and Zone Manager for Hisco garnered a top spot as one of the three sales representatives recognized by Seika for sales performance. 

“Seika Machinery appreciates the enthusiastic support of our sales representatives and distributors for the McDry cabinets,” said Michelle Ogihara, Seika Machinery’s Senior Sales Manager.

Hisco Awarded Distributor of the Year by MicroCare 

Bob Dill, Hisco President and CEO; Russell Claybrook, MicroCare Regional Sales Manager; and Dan Sinclair, MicroCare National Sales Manager

“Hisco delivered a rock-solid performance for MicroCare in 2016,” said MicroCare national sales manager Dan Sinclair. “Their professionalism, their technical expertise, and their deep understanding of their customers’ needs all contributed to their outstanding sales performance in a very competitive market.”

As noted by MicroCare’s National Sales Manager Dan Sinclair, HISCO added many new customers in 2016, grew their MicroCare sales almost 20%, expanded their inventory of MicroCare products in their principle warehouse in Houston and had an outstanding record of prompt payments.

Hisco Awarded Distributor of the Year by Treston

Eric Dotson, General Manager at Treston, Inc. formerly Sovella, Inc; Sarah Johnson, Hisco Product Line Manager; Bill Walton, Hisco Product Line Manager; Dan Smith, Treston National Sales Manager

The award is based on Hisco’s year-over-year growth of 111% (previous year base > $50K) while maintaining qualification as a Treston Premium Preferred Distributor.  

“Our sales growth with Hisco over the past year is a result of our great partnership–working together to identify opportunities with Hisco’s world class sales organization closing the deals,” said Treston National Sales Manager Dan Smith. “We look forward to continued growth with Hisco in 2017.” 

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