Aug 16, 2016
Voila! From This to That – Adhesive Recycling Program

Fill the Box Instead of the Landfill

loctite adhesives box

Adhesive Recycling Program: Anaerobics Adhesives

You thought it couldn’t be done. Now it can. Henkel has partnered with TerraCycle to launch an Adhesive Recycling Program that gives you the opportunity to put your empty LOCTITE anaerobic adhesive packaging to good use by recycling them.

LOCTITE products offer viable alternatives to
mechanical fastening and joining methods.

recyclable loctite adhesives

How it works – Adhesive recycling

recycled items

Loctite adhesives upcycled into useful products

Normally considered unrecyclable, several types of LOCTITE containers can now be upcycled into entirely new products through a treatment that thermally deactivates the adhesive.

The material is then melted into sheets, shredded and pelletized and then… Voila!..the pellets are transformed into new, usable products like watering cans, dog bowls, plant containers, flying discs and shade hats.

Get with the program

To join the Adhesive Recycling Program, contact Hisco customer service. You’ll choose from three sizes of boxes (small, medium or large) that will be sent postage-paid following your box purchase. Once it arrives, place your box in a convenient collection area. For ease, boxes come with a pre-affixed return shipping label as well, so once your box is full, just send it to Henkel’s recycling partner TerraCycle® where the magical upcyling will happen.

info graphic henkel recycling programHenkel is the first adhesives company worldwide to offer a recycling solution for used anaerobic adhesive packaging. Hisco is a proud participant of Henkel’s LOCTITE Anaerobic Adhesive Recycling Program.

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