Sep 9, 2016
Ten Reasons to Use a Vendor Managed Inventory System (VMI)

Time to try VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)?

There’s a ton of information out there about Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions and if you’re not exactly sure how they operate, Hisco’s VMI team can help. Already know about VMI—but still on the fence about adopting one? These ten reasons may help you decide.

  1. Customer Servicevmi-arrow-again  Most everybody’s encountered a time when they’ve ordered an item and then come to find out it’s not in stock. Why’s it showing available if it’s not in stock? This creates a poor customer service image. With VMI you can feel confident about the accuracy of what you have in stock while building valuable customer service reliability and relationships.
  2. Partnership You’re not in this alone. From the start, before anything tangible happens, you’ll meet with Hisco’s VMI team to map out exactly where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go with your inventory. Your partner will be with you each step of the way to ensure seamless integration into your business.
  3. Visibility With the help of Hisco’s partner SupplyPro, you’ll be set up with industry-leading software and choose from point-of-use vending machines that suit your business. You’ll see and have control over every single inventory item and activity.
  4. Cost Savings Clearly see your cost savings with VMI. Because you helped draw a complete picture of your inventory operations during the VMI set-up process, you’ll be able to compare data and see everywhere you’ve reduced spending—see your documented cost savings.
  5. Time Savings No more chasing down inventory and making sure numbers match with stock. You’ll now monitor in real-time–all of your inventory activity.
  6. Stock See the process at work. For example, your data shows that an item needs to be restocked. No worries. Your distributor partner or onsite stock person will also know and have a process in place to keep your vending machine(s) supplied.
  7. Overstock You’ll reduce costs because you’ll no longer have stock sitting and going nowhere. Because you’re in control of your inventory, you’ll stock only what you need. No more costs associated with inventory errors, obsolete inventory and missing inventory.
  8. At the Push of a Buttonsupplybay Depending on the exact type of vending machine–your employees push a button, open a door and pull out the part(s) they need. Meanwhile, your SupplyPro software system tracks the entire process and sends you updates on your inventory numbers.
  9. Collaboration With VMI you can easily share information where you need to with the people who need to know. That’s just one way to tailor your VMI. Your input gives you the output you’ll need to control your inventory and reduce your costs.
  10. Regulatory Compliance You can be assured you’re in regulatory compliance. Hisco’s Vendor Management Inventory solutions help you keep track of potentially dangerous, harmful or regulated materials.

Interested in learning more? Contact the Hisco VMI team for more information and discover all of the documented cost savings you’ll realize with a VMI system.

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