Nov 3, 2016
Wacker’s New SEMICOSIL® 811 Rubber Silicone – Short curing times, fast adhesion

Semicosil 811 – Less is better

Wacker’s come out with a new adhesive, Semicosil, 811, to shorten your curing times and create adhesive bonding to substrates with very little energy. The result—less processing time and shorter cycles. Additionally, the new formula can be used on heat-sensitive substrates.

semicosil-adhesive-comparisonSemicosil 811 will completely cure at room temperature within an hour and be ready for leak testing; or you can expose the adhesive to infrared light or moderate heat to speed things up.

The new product also allows automated quality control of the adhesive coat using the UV marker. And, because you don’t need a primer, Semicosil 811 will bond to polybutylene terephthalate, polyamide, aluminum, coated display glass and various other substrates used in electronics.

Check out all of Semicosil 811’s features and applications –


  • High-flexibility, high-temperature resistance and low-stress adhesive
  • Fast adhesion build-up at room temperature or with moderate energy input (< 10 min at 60 – 80 °C)
  • Reduced cycle times (faster processing)
  • In-line QC process possible
  • No UV-transparent substrates needed
  • Allows automated optical inspection control, blue fluorescence under black-light
  • No need for an oven
  • Remains flexible at temperatures down to -40 °C


  • Automotive electronics
  • Sensor applications
  • Various kinds of electronics control units
  • Bonding display glass
  • Covers to frame

Want to know more about Semicosil or interested in buying the product? Contact your Hisco representative or call 1-877-447-2650.

Watch Semicosil® in action –

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