May 11, 2017
Want to Boost your Bottom Line? Try Hisco’s Documented Cost Savings Program

documented cost savings hiscoFor 15 years, hundreds of customers have put our Documented Cost Savings (DCS) program to the test, showing that it truly does work. With individual savings in excess of $400,000, customers have been cashing in on Hisco’s DCS program through modifications as simple as changing from one static shielding bag to another (Total savings – $115,000), or as comprehensive as a complete Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system (Total savings – $264,250).

Show me the numbers

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) – a proven way to take control of your operations and save thousands of dollars.

To date, Hisco customers have saved more than $122 million. How do we do it?

Together with you, we’ll take a hard look at your problem areas and where you’d like to see improvements. Then we’ll suggest products and value-added services to help reduce your costs. For instance, we noticed that a customer was continually using costly expedited services to ship products to their company facility. By applying our extensive product distribution and shipping knowledge, we showed them how to save $125,000 by adding local deliveries and regularly scheduled freight shipments.
Whether it’s downtime avoidances, process or design improvements, or supply chain savings, Hisco can help. Ready to start tracking your own documented savings? Contact us for a free consultation.

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